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Navatalk Long Distance Service

Feature-rich service

With Navatalk, you get the full package of competitive long distance rates, high call quality and easy account management for a mere $0.99/month.

We make sure you are up-to-date. All your calls and transactions are posted in your online account within minutes. A statement summarizing all credits and debits is also sent out on a monthly basis.

We're always here for you. You may contact Customer Service anytime; friendly representatives are available 24/7.

How it works

To use Navatalk, associate as many of your phone numbers to the account and

  1. Call one of our access numbers
  2. Dial the number you want to connect to:
    • - For calls to Canada, the United States or the Caribbean, dial 1 + Area Code + Number
    • - For other international calls, dial 011 + Country code + Number

Navatalk is available from any phone. Whenever you are away from home, the office or your cell phone, you can continue to use your Navatalk account with a PIN.

Available from all over North America

You may use Navatalk Long Distance from both Canada and the United States.

When calling from Canada, the best rates apply when using a local access number, as the toll free one carries a surcharge.

To determine costs of calls from the United States, simply add a penny to the advertised rates.

Lower your rates even more

Automatic payment discount -- Allow us to take care of your Navatalk bill payment for you, each month. Not only will you have one bill less to worry about, but we will also apply a 5% discount to all your calls.

$10 credit for each friend you refer-- Use our service for free just by recommending friends. There is no limit to the amount of credit you can receive. All your friends need to do is sign up and use the service for at least $20 during the first 3 months.