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About Navatalk

Navatalk is one of the retail websites of Navatalk Inc. Founded in 1998, Navaltalk is a market leader in the global telecommunications industry, currently offering an array of voice services to customers worldwide.

Why Navatalk?

Navatalk services tap into the wide range of technologically-advanced solutions Navaltalk has been designing for residential users for years, to be able to offer only state-of-the-art calling packages to Canadian consumers. Since Navatalk's own facilities-based carrier division allows us to offer low rates and excellent connection quality, all Navatalk products can be enjoyed at only a fraction of the cost charged by traditional phone companies.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Navatalk. Our goal is to combine a reliable, value-adding while cost-efficient service with superior customer care offered by our culturally rich staff, in order to cater to all of our ethnic users' needs.